Zhao, Yuanhui

Yuanhui Zhao, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Advisor of graduated students

Date of birth: 1979/03/14


AddressCollege of Food Science and Engineering, Ocean University of China, 5 Yushan Road, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China Postal code: 266003

Tel: 86-532-8203-2400; E-mail: zhaoyuanhui@ouc.edu.cn


Associate Professor, Advisor of graduated students, College of Food Science and Engineering, Ocean University of China, Qingdao City, P.R. China


On-going research projects:

1 Plastein reaction-based modification of metal-binding peptide and its structure-activity relationship

Bioactive peptides can promote the body's absorption of metal ions, but the mechanism is notclear. To solve this problem, the project will be researched from thestructure-function relationship of metal-bindingpeptides. Research for the structure of the bioactive peptide and metal absorption capacity in system ishelpful to solve the nutrition of metaldeficiency, a global public health and nutritional problem. At presentthe metal ions reported in combinationwith peptide are mostly prepared with no structural purpose. Accordingly, theamino acids, which have a higher capability to bind the metal ions, were introduced into polypeptide chains by plasteinreaction to prepare the metal-bindingpeptide. The formation mechanism of metal-bindingpeptide was confirmed by detecting the sequences of the peptide, analyzing thestructure of metal-bindingpeptide, the main reaction groups and the changing structure, and seeking the binding sites. By investigation of physiochemical propertiesof peptide-metal complex to reveal the releationship between structureand function of the compound.

2 Research on preparation of ACE inhibitory peptidesfrom Acaudina molpadioideahydrolysates modificated by plastein reaction and its mechanism  

The research found that the ACEinhibitory activity of hydrolysate could be improved by the modification of plasteinreaction, this is a new way to improve the activity of ACE inhibitory peptides.This study also explored the mechanism of plastein reaction by using physicalproperties and chemical modification.  

3 Research on effect target and immunoregulation of anti-influenza virus Acetes Chinensispeptide  

We have purified and characterized anti-influenza peptidefrom enzymatic hydrolysates of the cod-skin protein, and results showed thatthe peptide rich in polar amino acid residues are much more active againstinfluenza virus. Then we screened several aquatic protein sources for the bestanti-influenza hydrolyste, and results indicated that the hydrolysate of shrimp(Acetes Chinensis) muscle protein,with a very high content of polar amino acid residues, has the highest anti-influnzaactivity. The anti-influenza activitiy of a peptide (EISYIHAEAYRRGELK) we indentified from shrimp hydrolysate washigher than another peptide with 24 amino acid residues and ribavirin. Thisprogram plans to elucidate roles of anti-influenza peptide in the infectionstages (invasion, replication and release) of influenza virus. Inhibitionassays for neuramidinase, hemagglutinin protein and ionophorous protein usingflow cytometry and fluorescence labeling will be employed to locate the targetsof anti-influenza peptide. Potential effects of anti-influenza peptide oncongenital immunity and immunologic function of the host will also be studied.Overall, this program will reveal the potential mechanisms of anti-influenzapeptide from shrimp protein hydrolysate at the molecular, cellular and bodylevels.  

4 The research and development of new-style aquaticproducts

Thisresearch is undertaken to develop new-style aquatic products. At present wehave gained a variety of gelatin and collagen, oyster “milk”, fermentedoyster beverage and troche, instant sea cucumber millet congee, sea cucumber jelly,pickled fish,etc.

EDUCATION AND Professional Training  

Ph.D., Food Science (Advisor: Prof.Mingyong Zeng and Prof. Bafang Li)

College ofFood Science andEngeering, Ocean Universityof China, (2006-2009)

Project:purification and synthesis of ACE inhibitory peptides from Acaudinamolpadioidea protein hydrolysate  

M.S., Storage and Processingof Aquatic Products (Advisor: Prof. Mingyong Zeng)

College ofFood Science andEngeering, Ocean Universityof China, (2003-2006)

Project:Study ofangiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory peptides from enzymic hydrolysates of AcaudinaMolpadioidea collagen

B.S., Storage and Processing of Agricultural Products

CollegeofFood Science and Engeering, Jilin Agricultural University, (1998-2002)

Project:The applicationof HACCPin the production of chicken products


National Natural Science Foundation of China (2011-2013):

Studyon the peptide inhibitors of influenza virus neuraminidase from cod skins  

Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province (2010-2013):

Studyon theplastein reaction-basic modification of Acaudina molpadioidea proteinhydrolysates and its effects on ACE activity

Open Foundation of the Ministry of Agriculture Key Processing Laboratoryof Aquatic Products (2013-2015):

Study on the fish bonelactobacillus fermentation materials with the function of enhancing bonemineral density  

PUBLICATIONS (*The author forcorrespondence)  

1. YuanhuiZhao, Bafang Li, Zunying Liu, Shiyuan Dong, Xue Zhao, MingyongZeng*. Antihypertensive effect and purification of an ACE inhibitory peptidefrom sea cucumber gelatin hydrolysate. Process biochemistry, 2007, 42:1586-1591.

2. YuanhuiZhao, Bafang Li, Shiyuan Dong, Zunying Liu, Xue Zhao, JingfengWang, Mingyong Zeng*. A novel ACE inhibitory peptide isolated from Acaudina molpadioidea hydrolysate. Peptides,2009, 30: 1028-1033.

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6. SHEN Qingqing, ZENGMingyong, ZHAO Yuanhui*. Modification of Acaudina Molpadioides hydrolysates by plastein reaction and preparationof ACE inhibitory peptides. Chemical Journal of Chinese Universities, 2014, 35(5): 965-970.