The Science and technology of value-added Aquatic products


 Mingyong Zeng,

Professor and Group Leader

Office: Room 136,62 Building

Off. Tel.:0086-532-66782783



Zunying Liu, associate professor;

Shiyuan Dong, associate professor;

Yuanhui Zhao, assistant professor;


The laboratory has four faculty members. Until now, about fifty master students and ten doctor students have studied and been trained in our laboratory. The main research interests of our group include:

1.The preparation, purification, structure and assessment of bioactive peptide from aquatic products

Isolation and purification,physical, biochemical, structure and functional properties of antioxidant, antibacterial andACE inhibitory peptides, zinc-binding, Ferric-binding and calcium-binding peptide from aquatic protein; Absorption of bioactive peptide in cell or animal system; bioactive peptide modified by Maillard reaction or Plastein reaction.

2.Changes of fish and shrimp during frozen or refrigerated storage and quorum sensing system in fish and shrimp

Physical, biochemical, microflora and oxidative changes in fish and shrimps during controlled freezing-point storage; development of natural antioxidants, and natural bactericide; the effect of MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) on quality changes of fish and shrimp.

Quorum sensing (QS) systems of special spoilage organisms of shrimp; QS signaling molecules in refrigerated shrimp;bacterial conversations: talking, cheating and eavesdropping; spoiling-characteristics of spoilage bacteria regulated by QS; QS inhibitor extracted from seaweeds to interfere the QS systems of bacteria to prolong the shelf life and keep seafood quality.

3. The research and development of new-style sea foods.

New-style oyster products, such as oyster “milk”, fermented oyster beverage and troche; the development and technology of the ready-to-eat sea food fromSea cucumber, shellfish and fish.

Funding Sources

Natural Science Foundation ofChina;

Ministry of Science and Technology of the People´s Republic ofChina (Chinese National Programs for High Technology Research and Development and/or The Science and Technology Development ofChina);

Ministry of Agriculture of the People´s Republic ofChina;

Various Food Companies


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