Food Chemistry and Nutrition


The laboratory was established in 2001 and now there are six faculty members. Until now, about eighty master students and twelve doctor students have studied and been trained in our laboratory. The main research interests of our team include:

(1) Analysis of nutritional ingredients and application of marine biology resource;

(2) Functional materials from marine polysaccharides;

(3) Mechanism of chitosan antibacterial effect and transduction of exogenous signal; (4) Application of chitosan and its derivatives in storage of fruits and vegetables;

(5) Form and security of mineral elements in seafood;

(6) Metal mimetic enzyme and protease inhibitor;

(7) Marine microbial fermentation and elimination of noxious substance from food;

(8) Tea polysaccharides and tea polyphenols.

Our labotary has cooperations withNestle R&D Center, University of Tokyo, Hokkaido University, Auburn University and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and other institutions.


Room 105, 62 building, College of Food Science and Engineering

Ocean University of China

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