A Brief Introduction to College of Food Science and Engineering of OUC

Under the direct administration of the State Ministry of Education, Ocean University of China (OUC) is a comprehensive university with its strength in oceanography and fisheries science. It was founded in 1924, and approved as one of the 13 national key comprehensive universities in China. In October 2002, it gained its present name—Ocean University of China.

College of Food Science and Engineering of OUC was the birthplace of the discipline on processing and storage of aquatic products, and was selected as a national key discipline in 2002 and 2007. In 1946, it started to enroll undergraduate students. China's first Ph. D. and postdoctoral degrees holder on processing and storage of aquatic products was graduated from this college. At present, it offers Master's degree, Doctoral degree and a postdoctoral mobile station of the national discipline on food science and engineering, as well as three undergraduate programs including food science and engineering, biological engineering and the technology of marine resources exploitation. Among them, Food science and engineering and the technology of marine resources exploitation are the specialties with distinct characteristics, and the former one was accredited as the first batch of national engineering education specialty. The college is a key unit under "Project 211" and "Project 985", and it owns a test base of seafood deep processing with an area of 2000m2, which plays an important role in promoting the transformation of scientific research and enhancing the engineering practical skills of the undergraduates and postgraduates.

The college focuses on China's great need in the utilization of marine aquatic resources and the processing and quality safety of aquatic products, and reveals key technologies of seafood deep processing and high value utilization, as well as key problems of safety, test and quality control of its production, processing and distribution. It serves as one of the important platforms for scientific research and academic exchanges in this area, with such centers as National R&D Branch Center For Ocean Aquatic Product Processing, National Base of Life Science and Technology Education, Research Center for Seafood Engineering Technology in Shandong province, Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Food Science and Engineering in Shandong province, OUC-Dalian Zhangzidao Fisheries and Seafood R&D Center, and OUC-Shandong Oriental Ocean CO. LTD Fisheries and Seafood R&D Center.