Food Science and Engineering

     Food Science and Technology is the top major and birthplace of aquatic product processing and preserving engineering, and is focusing on Aquatic Product Processing. The first PhD graduate (Prof. Changhu Xue) and the first international PhD of Aquatic Products Processing in China are both graduated from our major. The outstanding graduates include Huashi Guan (Academician of China National Engineering Research Institute).

     Over 60 national research funding resources, including NSFC, 863 Program, etc. and over 7 million US$ research funding support the research of this major. Over 400 international publications and over 100 patents have been published or issued. Two National Excellent undergraduate Courses (Food Chemistry, Prof. Dongfeng Wang; and Principles and Technologies of Food Preservation, Prof. Mingyong Zeng) are taught in this major.

     Our major has international corporation with many universities and institutes, including KyotoUniversity, University of Tokyo, Hokkaido University, WashingtonStateUniversity, ClemsonUniversity, AuburnUniversity, Gangneung-wonjuNationalUniversity, etc.