Central Lab

Central Laboratory


The center laboatory of Food Science and Engineering was established in 2005, which was supported by “Qingdao to build ” fund, “211 Project” and “985 Project” financial. The center laboatory has 25 units large-scale precision equipment and apparatus (price of 10 million yuan), with a total value of more than 10 million yuan. Analysis covers food composition, structure, optical properties, thermal behavior, rheological properties, shape degeneration. The lab is an opening for Food Science and Engineering College of research, teaching sharing platform, in addition to the research training program of graduate, undergraduate, undergraduate, undergraduate innovative practice, undergraduate teaching and visiting teaching experiments, and also the implementation of paid services for internal and external testing. Since the establishment of the center, it has assisted more than 50 national and provincial research projects completed with more than thousand million of research funding, hundreds of scientific papers published.

Location and contact

The laboratory is located in room (106,108,110) of the 62 Building. Contact us by phone at (0532-82031908).

Faculty in this lab

1.Associate Prof. Jie XU

Aquatic food chemistry

Marine Biological Substance

Tel.:0532-82031908; E-mail: xujie9@ouc.edu.cn

2.Dr. Yan FAN

Aquatic food chemistry

Tel.: 0532-82031908; E-mail: fanyan@ouc.edu.cn