Advanced Utilization of Marine Algae

Research field description:

ØIsolation of polysaccharides from marine algae including alginate, agar, and carrageenan;

ØNutritional analysis of marine algae;

ØPurification and utilization of polysaccharides enzymes acting on marine algae;

ØDiscovery of active compounds of marine algae for utilization in food, pharmacy and cosmetics;

ØPhysical Properties of seafood;

ØTransportation and Storage fresh seafood.

Location and contact:

The laboratory is located in room 119 and 121 of the 62 Building. Contact us by phone at +086-532-82032182.

Faculties in this lab:



Research interest


Jiaochao Xu


Chemical utilization of algae

Xin Gao


Physical Properties of Aquatic product

Xiaoting Fu


Biological utilization of algae

Lab publications

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