Introduction of biotechnology laboratory


Being founded in 2005, the biotechnology lab is a major research lab in College of Food Science and Engineering. Currently, there are 2 faculties in this lab and 8 graduate students.

The mainly research areas are asfollows:

(1) Enzyme engineering, including screening high-yielding strains, the production of enzymes, the extraction and purification of enzymes, study on the enzymatic properties, etc.

(2) Fermentation engineering, including research on fermenting production, fermentation kinetics, etc.

(3) Food biotechnology field, including the research and development of fermented foods, microecologics, etc.

More than 50 papers have been published in this lab. 3 monographs and textbooks were published and 2 invention patents were authorized.

The lab has created closely relationship with many universities and companies, such as State Key Laboratory of microbialtechnology at Shandong university, Institute of Biological Engineering at Jiangnan university, College of Biological Engineering at Tianjing Science and Technology University, Qingdao Beer Co, Ltd., Shandong Jingzhi Wine Co. , Ltd., and so on.

Location and contact

The laboratory is located in room (204 to 210) of the 62 Building. Contact us by phone at (86-532-8203-1851).

Faculty in this lab

Professor Bin Guan,

Research interests: Enzyme engineering


Dr. Qing Kong

Research interests: Food biotechnology


Pictures about the lab

Current and past lab students

Past Garaduate students:

Haiqing Tang, Lihong Chen, Xuepeng Wang, Xiangfeng Qiu, Jun Zheng, Shuge Dong, Shan Li, Juan Xun, Yong You, Yanyan Gao, Yingying Yang, Ruiqin Zhang, Cuiping Zhai, Qiangqiang Zhao, Zhilin Lv, Lingzhen Hao, Yanqiu Fu, Xinhong Wang

Current Garaduates students:

Hongling Gu, Yinglian Chen, Liangyu Zhang, Chen Chi, Xule Zhao, Zhaoyan Geng, Min Yang, Han Sun.