Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Biological Technology Lab

Nucleic acid chemistry and biological technology laboratory, affiliating to the college of food science and engineering within Ocean University of China (OUC), was established in October 2010, finding itself in Minxing building on Yushan campus of OUC. Our laboratory, surrounded by ancient trees and grass lawn, has always been adhering to the principle made of bouncy atmosphere and scientific attitude. Professor Liang Xingguo, boasting the reputations of Overseas Distinguished Professor of Taishan Scholar, recruitment of National Youth Qianren Plan and Peak-building-talent distinguished professor, as the person in charge of the laboratory and leading the research team comprising one professor, one associate professor, one lecturer, five Ph.D candidates and fifteen post graduate students at the present. Since the team is in the boom period, we have a common interest in young scientists and outstanding students to join.

As the team conducting researches concerning the key words of "nucleic acid", "biotechnology" and "food science", we mainly focus on the research field of nucleic acid chemistry, nucleic acid biochemistry, nucleic acid biotechnology and food biochemistry, and even the interdisciplinary such as food nutrition and food biotechnology. Our research work has been performed in the following aspects: 1) development of novel isothermal nucleic acid testing technology at room temperature, combining with nucleic acid amplification technology to solve practical problems of food quality control and food safety; 2) study on the basis of the process of digestion, absorption and in vivo metabolism of nucleic acid to elucidate the biological function of the intake nucleic acid and other theoretical problems; 3) employing chemical methods to study the natural nucleic acids or chemical modified nucleic acids, and develop their applications in food science and food biotechnology.

In the midst of the 21st century with serious capriciousness, the only way to support the constant development of our society is productive innovation. Therefore, our laboratory put the cultivation of high-quality innovative talents as the top priority, concentrating on training graduate students for comprehensive and in-depth thinking skills, good communication approaches and careful logical analysis capabilities revealed by fluent expression and communication facility. Also, we are expecting to inspire students to become adept at reverse thinking, seizing the fleeting opportunity and inspiration for innovation aggressively. Emphasizing on graduates’ speech and writing ability, practical, serious and diligent work is the persistent concept. Besides, we are trying to create a laboratory atmosphere comprising of tireless pursuit of truth, focuses on innovation, harmony and mutual assistance and co-development multi-party exchanges and win-win cooperation.

With the improvement of China's industrialization level and the deterioration of the environment and global survival condition, the increasing emphasis on health has been placed on the agenda. The food provided by industrialized production has become the main source of our diet, as a result, food nutritional balance and food security has become a major problem affecting the national economy and the people's livelihood. Our laboratory expect to train the young talent to support a higher level of academy and climb the heights of science, to obtain a high level of scientific and technological achievements on innovative and practical application, to make a modest contribution for the protection of everyone's life and health, as well as promote the development of China's food science and industry.

Address: College of Food Science and Engineering, Ocean University of China, NO.5 Yushan road QingDao city, Shangdong province, China.

Zip code: 266003

Tel: 0532-82031086, 82031318