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On the afternoon ofMay 23, 2014, the delegation of University of Missouri (UMKC) came to ourschool and held a lively academic communication meeting in the conference roomof College of Management. Professor David Donnelly,dean of Bloch College, made a speech using the title “US AccountingPractice-Macro Environment”. Professor Zhuquan Wang, vice dean of College ofManagement, head of Department of Accounting, hosted the meeting. Teachersundergraduates and postgraduateswere involved in the communication and discussion.

After a short self-introduction, ProfessorDonnelly directly got into the theme of the report. First he describedthe changes occurred in auditing mode under the background of rapid developmentof information technology. Later he introduced that in economic globalization,International Accounting Standards have a convergence tendency. Besides,Professor Donnelly explained the key points of rule-oriented andprinciple-oriented accounting standards, and introduced the use and developmentof Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) under the environment of the developmentof technology applications and reports. Of course, he pointed out that thedevelopment of information technology brought new challenges for accounting.

In the entire communication,Professor Donnelly happily shared his academic insights with a lively speech,which earned the praise of every teacher and student. His report inspired a lotof thinking and benefited us all. In the end, he answered everyone's questionswith great patience. No matter theoretical of practical area, he was always inan encouraging tone and selflessly shared his experience in accountingresearch. He mentioned that it is because he likes it, so he has the passion tocomplete his work. This academic communication expanded the horizons of ourteachers and students and let us experiences accounting research from differentcountries. In the end, Professor Wang summarized this meeting which ended inwarm applause.