2.Management Sciences and Engineering


The major of Management Science and Engineering built in 2003, since 2004, it was opened for recruitment of postgraduates, including Marine resource management, Optimization of Marine Economic System, MIS, Supply Chain Management, Knowledge Management, and Industrial Engineering.

Depending on the economic management lab center and its well-equipped equipment, management science and engineering can offer the excellent experiment teaching, science and research conditions for students in teaching, research and experiment. The postgraduate major of management science and engineering is good at management of marine resource, supply chain management, knowledge management, and its research level is in a leading position in China, and achieves a series of important results.


The major of Management Science and Engineering focuses on cultivation of multi-purpose and high level talents who have the ability of comprehensive application of systems engineering, management science, mathematics, computer science and engineering to study and solve the problems of social, economic, environmental management, resources and engineering,  have the basis of Management theory , the ability of computer science & application, the ability of information system analyze & design, the ability of information management and so on and also can engage in works like mode-building, analyze, control, design, development, application and management in all kinds of national management departments, commercial enterprises, finical departments, research & science units.

Research Fields

Marine resource management & Optimization of marine economy system

Information Management &Supply Chain management

Knowledge Management & Industrial Engineering