6.Marketing and Brand Image Institute

The Institute carries out various research activities about marketing theories and cases by professors and experts in Department of Marketing & e-Business through integrating various resources inside and outside Ocean University of China.

The Institute has three laboratories and three social practice and service agencies.

Research Laboratories include: Marketing Research Laboratory; Market Research Laboratory; CI & Image Laboratory.

Social Practice and Service Agencies include: Cai-Dun Marketing Plan Academy; Bo-Rui Management Consulting Firm; Chun-Hui Design Studio.

The positioning of RIMBI is: Platform of the combination between teaching and research; Platform of the combination both academic study and application research; Platform of the combination of teaching, research, and social practice; Platform of the corporation and communication between professional faculty and the community.

Major Research Contents and Characteristics:

1.Study on Customer Value System and Customer Value Chain.

2.Value Marketing Theories and Strategies

3.Research on Brand Strategies of Famous Brand Enterprises

4.Strategies Study on Communication of Enterprises & Brand Images

5.Research on City Marketing & Brand Images Communication

Activities of Social Practice and Services:

1.Market Survey and Planning

2.Marketing Planning and Marketing Management Consulting;

3.Brand Strategies Planning and Brand Management Consulting;

4.Operation Management Consulting and Planning;

5.Planning of Distribution Network, Design & Planning of Promotion Strategies

6.Planning of Enterprise Culture and CI

7.Design and Communication of Enterprises (or Organizations) and Brand Images