About the College

Management School Ocean University of China was built in the year of 1986. After development of many years, Management School OUC has became a renowned teaching school with high level discipline, strong teaching staff,high level teaching and scientific research and advantageous discipline development.

sncluding Agriculturaleconomic management Institute, Brand Enterprise Research Center, Applied Accounting Institute, Management science and engineering Institute, Finance Management Institute, Auditing and Management Consulting Institute, Marketing and Brand Image Institute, Tourism planning and management Institute and Marine management Institute; and many education and research centers, including MBA educational center, MPAcc educational center and China business working capital management research center.

There are one postdoctoral station, first grade discipline of business administration doctoral degree authorization and secondary grade discipline of agricultural economic management doctoral program, and first grade discipline of the business administration and the management science and engineering master degree authorization and secondary grade discipline of the Enterprise Management, the Accounting, the Agricultural Economic Management, the Tourism Management, the Management Sciences and Engineering and the Technology Economic and Management  program.There are also many professional programs such as MBA program, MPAcc program, Project Management program.

Industrial Engineering program, Rural and regional development program, Agricultural technology and serviceprogram, Tourism management program and assets assessing program, etc.There are six undergraduate programs, including Business administration, Accounting, Marketing, E-business, Tourism management and Finical management,of which, Business administration is an important program and important philosophy social science research center of Shandong province, and Accounting is an important program and brand major of Shandong province and national distinguishing program.

MS currently boasts 83 faculty members, among whom 20 are professors, 28 are associate professors, 12 doctoral supervisors, 2 are New Century Excellent Talent Plan of Education Ministry, and 2 are Acounting Academic Leading Talent Plan of National Wide.