3.Management science and engineering Institute

Management Science and Engineering Instituteboasts first grade discipline of management science master degree authorization and one specialization in industrial engineering.

With core combination of management theory and practice, the institute focuses its research on management theory, method and technology that adapt to modern production, technology, economy and social development. The research referstoplanning, design, evaluating and innovation of all kinds of economic organizations based on the theory of management science, computer science, manufacturing engineeringtechnology and system science, and application of natural science, social science and modern management method and technology.

The institute aims to cultivate leading students with solid and systematic management theory and rational knowledge structure, who are capable of solving practical problems with correct application of systematic analysis method and engineering technical method.

Within Management Science and Engineering, the Institute of Management Science and Engineering focuses its education and research in the three disciplines of Marine resource management & Optimization of marine economy system, MIS & SupplyChain management, and Knowledge management & Industrial Engineering.