1.Department of Business Administration

The faculty of Department of Business Administration consists of 18 teachers including 6 professors and 3 associate professors,one of them is doctoral supervisor.The Department of Business Administration has 3 Master degree programs of Business Management, Technical Economics & Management, Management Science and Engineering and 1Bachlorr's degree program of Business Management. Therein Business Management is the provincial key discipline and key provincial research institute of Philosophy and Social Science.

The training objective of Department of Business Administration could be summarized as following: trainingintermediate & senior.inter disciplinary elites with knowledge and capability necessary for business administration in enterprise. Those elites could work as middle managers in enterprises, public functionaryin the economy management departments of government, researchersand teachers in institutionsof business administration. The main courses of department of business administration include Management, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Accounting, Statistics, Economic law, Finance, Management accounting, Financial management, marketing management, Operations management, Human resource management, Enterprise plans, Management information system, Enterprise strategic management, Logistics management, Business negotiation, and so on.The department of business administration also provides practical teaching opportunity such as major course internship and graduate internship for undergraduate students.

Welcome by both enterprises and governments institutions, the graduatestrained bythe department of business administration have received the recognition from the societyand won a good social reputation.