UMT-OUC Joint Academic Centre for Marine Studies

UMT-OUC Joint Academic Centre for Marine Studies was jointly established by OUC and Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) in October 2019. Centering on marine science, the Joint Centre gathers advantageous resources of biological oceanography and other academic disciplines. Through collaborations in research, project implementation, personnel exchange, joint training and scientific investigation, the Joint Centre promotes the bilateral research and education cooperation in marine life sciences, aquaculture and marine engineering. OUC and UMT both set up independent offices for the Joint Centre. Full-time administrative staff are equipped to support day-to-day operation. Since the establishment of the Joint Centre, OUC and UMT have carried out cooperation in academic exchanges, research, education and teaching. The Joint Centre has successfully held 6 academic seminars/conferences, published 12 articles in international top journals such as iScience (Cell press), Frontiers in Microbiology and Microbiology Spectrum, and submitted a joint research project application to the Ministry of Education of Malaysia. Cultural and academic exchange activities for undergraduate students including on-site summer camp and online cultural courses have been carried out on a yearly basis.