A Guide for Long-term Foreign Experts (Teachers)


Long-term foreign teachers or experts (hereinafter referred to as foreign experts) are those recruited foreign staff members who teach and conduct research at our university for at least three months.

Recruited foreign experts will be incorporated into the college’s annual overall human resource recruitment plan and administration of their college as full-time staff members one year in advance. Application should be submitted three months ahead of time.

Each department or college is encouraged to bring in professional and experienced foreign teachers and experts. The recruitment principles are as follows: job postings will be created according to need, the best applicants will be selected, and contracts shall be signed between applicants and OUC for employment. In general, departments or colleges with vacancy can apply for recruitment. Priority will be given to colleges and departments requiring innovative talented professionals training, international curriculum system establishment, college English education and teaching mode transformation. The applicant will be on probation one month. The department or college shall be responsible for their assessments and those unqualified will be dismissed.