Campus E-Card

The campus e-Card System is a very important application of the campus network, which is used to provide such services as catering, campus shopping, on-campus health care, library services, login to the Internet, and access control. It will also allow access tofunctions andservices, including e-ticket for campus transportation, electronic registration, and identity authentication, as well as transferring funds to your e-card.


On the website (, you can find detailed information about the above-mentioned services. You can also inquire online. The website also provides services on personal information, such as account inquiry and online loss-reporting.


The e-Card management center is in charge of the design, management, and maintenance of the e-Card System and related website.


The contact number of the center :+86-532-66782222



﹥﹥How to apply for an e-Card?


Currently, there are two kinds of OUC e-Card. One is a formal e-Card, which integrates services such as identity authentication, on-campus purchases, and management of campus affairs; and the other is guest e-Card, which only provides services of on-campus purchases and partial management of campus affairs.


A formal e-Card is confined to registered full-time students, tenured faculty, and regular administrative or support staff members. Each year at the beginning of the semester, a formal e-Card will be given to newly-enrolled students after registration. For students, faculty, and staff members who register in the middle of the school year, documents to confirm your current status will be given by your work unit or the Human Resources Department. Your ID Card, student card, or employee’s card will be needed to get an OUC e-Card.To apply for a formal e-Card, you can go to the locations designated by the e-Card Management Center.


Locations for e-Card application are as follows:


Yushan Campus: Office for CampusNetworkCenter, Run Run Shaw Science and Technology Conference Hall

Fushan Campus: Office for CampusNetworkCenter, the 4th floor of the library

Laoshan Campus: Reception Hall of the CampusNetworkCenter, Building B in the library complex



﹥﹥How to get a new one in case it is lost?


Please take your ID card and the re-application fee to get a new one in any one of the above-mentioned locations.



﹥﹥How to put money on your e-Card?


Please go to any one of the designated locations to put money on your card.


Important notice: when putting money on your card, please pay attention to the amount displayed on the screen. Remember to ask for and keep the receipt, which can be used as proof when any inquiries arise. (The 5-digit number on the receipt is your e-Card account number. Please remember it, since it will be needed when you report the loss of your e-Card on telephone).



﹥﹥How to use your e-Card to make purchases?


With an e-Card, you can make on-campus, small-amount payment in the cafeterias and shops that have signed an agreement with the University. Press your e-Card against the reader for about 0.5 second. When you hear a “beep”, withdraw your carddo not be too quick,and the money will be deducted from your account automatically.


As there have been many cases in which card-holders are mischarged or repeatedly charged, we would like to remind all the users to make sure that the number on the POS is the amount due before you make payment through your e-Card. In addition, money will be deducted when you make payments though your e-Card. Please make sure that the receiver confirms your payment through the e-Card before paying to avoid unnecessary losses.


Continuous “beeping” alarm of the card reader may indicate one of the following circumstances: insufficient balance, card damage, loss reported, or account frozen. Please go to the e-Card Management Center for help.


If the symbol “------” occurs on the card reader, it indicates your cumulative consumption has exceeded the regulated limit, or a consumption password is needed to continue your payment.