Vision & Mission

OUC Spirit


OUC is broad-minded and inclusive, like ocean that embraces all streams.
We fearlessly forge ahead with an enterprising spirit.
An academic forerunner, OUC advocates meticulous scholarship.
With a down-to-earth attitude, we believe that exploration promises reaching far.
We give priority to academics and will spare no efforts to make China stronger by further developing the ocean.


Our Mission


Since its establishment in 1924, OUC has devoted itself to the exploration, development and protection of the ocean as well as the training of talented personnel with high quality, so as to build a strong marine-based country, and to enhance the harmonious coexistence between mankind and ocean and the sustainable development through opening up the university to the outside world and strengthening international cooperation.

The 21st century is an ocean-focused century. With “Ocean Embraces Streams All and Exploring Promises Reaching Far” as the motto, OUC is building a high-level university with international visibility, so as to lay an initial foundation for a research-oriented university as OUC approaches its 100th anniversary. By 2025, OUC will be further developed into a top-level comprehensive research university with strong emphasis in marine sciences. By the middle of this century (or maybe longer), OUC will vigorously press ahead with reform and innovation, while implementing a strategy to make China strong by further developing the ocean, in order to become a world-class university with distinct characteristics by achieving a rapid and sustainable development.