A Brief Introduction to the Alumni Association of OUC
The alumni association of Ocean University of China (OUC)is a national nonprofit organization, composed of OUC alumni and alumni groups organized across the world on a voluntary basis, with a view to preserve and carry forward the fine traditions of OUC, to streng then the connection between the alumni at home and abroad, to develop China's marine sciences and education,and to make efforts to rejuvenate China.

Established 89 years ago, OUC has reached about 100 thousand outstanding graduates in the country and in the world.Alumni spread across China, and even the world; they play an important role insocial development, national rejuvenation, and Marine-related undertakings. The great achievements they make have gained high reputation for their alma mater.To streng then the cooperation between alumni at home and abroad, as well as alumniand alma mater, and also to serve our alumni, the school established the alumniassociation in 2004 on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of OUC, and has been working productively since then. On November 8, 2010, the Association obtained the approval from the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China. On April 23, 2011,OUC held its first alumni congress. The OUC Alumni Association is the 28th college alumni organization registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

The Association serves the alumni, carrying out a variety of activities. It strengthens ties between alumni, as well as between alumni and Alma Mater, providing opportunities for cooperation and communication. At present, we have established more than 40 domestic and foreign branches.