Talent Training

The Symphony Orchestra of OUC  

The Symphony Orchestra of OUC was founded in 2005,  It consists of orchestral instrument students and some students specialized in music. As for the orchestra management system, our leader of music Department and musical director is Prof. Kang Jiandong, a high reputation Doctoral Supervisor and Composer. The Permanent Conductor is Young Conductor Jia Wei. Also, he is our orchestra artistic consultant. Based on principles in terms of art education, namely high starting point, strict standards and excellent quality, the orchestra focuses its education on elegant music, bears the responsibility of propagating and spreading elegant and classical music and make extraordinary contributions to improve students’ attainment in music and enrich the cultural life within OUC.

The orchestra has successfully held many excellent performances since its establishment. A number of music compositions have been rehearsed and performanced, and the orchestra has fostered a large number of graduates for several orchestras and universities’ postgraduates, home and abroad.

Accepting the invitation from Gunsan city, Republic of Korea, the orchestra went to Korea and the international performances were successfully held, in may,2011. The same year, the School Concerts were held in ShandongUniversity at Weihai and Ludong university at Yantai.

Cooperation and communication is value, about the orchestra with the foreign expert, and This has almost become the convention. Every year, there are some foreign conductor was invited by OUC, for example Prof. Zhurong Ahn,Tennessee State University at chattanooga, the USA, and Prof.Joe Ymaji from Japan, and so on.

Since 2012, the orchestra has officially become the team that is introducing classical art into campus as intended Ministry of Education of China. Then the School Concerts were successfully held in QingdaoTechnologicalUniversity and QufuNormalUniversity at Rizhao.

Eight years have passed with many performances since the Symphony Orchestra of OUC was established. Now it runs smoothly and has stepped into a brand-new stage for development. Features of a good combination of Chinese classical symphony compositions, especially those originally composed by composers within the orchestra, and world classical compositions have come into being. The members of the Orchestra are devoting themselves together to help music to reach new heights.

The Chinese Tranditional of OUC

Chinese Tranditional of Ocean University of China is composed of skillful, youthful and energetic teachers from Music Department in Ocean University of China (OUC) and the undergraduate students. With four-parts comprehensive band authorized strength, the orchestra radicates the framework based on bow and string instrument, plucked instrument, wind instrument and percussion instrument. Having more than 50 people, the orchestra now is a mid-size Chinese orchestra. Professor, Director Kang Jiandong is the chief and Artistic Director of the orchestra. Guo Liang, head of the Teaching and Research Section, is the conductor of the orchestra. The orchestra, which vigorously supported and highly valued by the leaders of OUC and some units, is developing very fast. Aiming at developing and expanding traditional Chinese music and culture, improving the artistic accomplishment of the undergraduates and promoting the literature and art activities in Qing Dao, the orchestra devotes her to broadcasting the traditional Chinese music.

As a vigorously and well equipped youth orchestra, it is sparing no efforts in promoting the Chinese traditional music, which include the 2006-2009 New Year concerts, some activities held by OUC, some big festival held by Qing Dao.In2008, the Chinese chamber orchestra went to France to attend the “Arts Festival” and perform for about a month, which have had a rousing welcome and well respond in France. In 2010,the orchestra held the “Elegant Are on Campus”concert and “Chinese Orchestra Concert”. At the same time, on June 26th to 30th, the orchestra performed in Korea, coming back with fruitful results.

For a youth orchestra, which composed of students, is not perfect. But we will create chances of the development, exchange and improvement of the orchestra, trying our best to make the Ocean University of China Chinese Orchestra as the best one.