Department of Art

In 1997, Ocean University of China (OUC hereafter) established the Art Teaching and Research Department. Since then, the department has been carrying out liberal arts education to all the students as well as conducting various on-campus art activities. On this basis, the ArtDepartment was established in 2005. Currently, it has one undergraduate program in music performances. And with the newly approved Master Program of Music Literature, Art Department of OUC has entered a new stage that developing toward the researching department.

OCU is among the key universities under national 985 Project and 211 Project. In recent years, OCU attaches great importance to the development and construction of liberal arts and provides considerable support to the ArtDepartment. A solid foundation has been laid for the further academic development of our development.

With years of experience in education, the ArtDepartment has made huge progress in discipline construction, teaching & laboratory equipment construction, curriculum set-up, researching, creative practice as well as music performance. The remarkable achievement of recent years in music composing, music performance and theories researching have proved that our department has possessed advanced teaching and performing capability which ranks forefront in ShandongProvince.