Organization and Construction

The party branch of ArtDepartment has been firmly consolidating the organization construction, strengthening ideological and political learning and paying great efforts to implement Pioneering and Striving Activity into teaching and researching. In recent years, in addition to the regular construction work, the party branch has made remarkable achievement by utilizing the features of art department. On one hand, the party branch has established the cooperation with Mujia Village Grass Roots Branch and achieved innovation in the grass-roots organization construction. On the other hand, the party branch has made great contribution to enhancing the cultural influence of OCU as well as enriching the cultural life of the university.

In ideology construction, the party branch focuses on Teacher's Morality & Taking the Lead activity and Practical & Achievement activity. By strengthening the ethics education, enhancing teaching regulatory system, concerning about students' development and improving the teaching quality, the party members have led an active and striving spirit in the department.

The party branch has united the broad masses of party members to play an exemplary role. It attaches great importance to solving the difficulties and practical problems for teachers and students. It is leading the party members and the masses getting more and more progress.

By the middle of 2011, the party branch of ArtDepartment has honorably been awarded The Excellent Party Branch of OCU. This honor stands for the recognition and encouragement from the Party Organization and the university leaders. It will inspire our branch continue advancing the Pioneering and Striving Activity and making more significant progress.