Undergraduate Education

Insisting on the Scientific Concept of Development, the whole faculty of the ArtDepartment has been paying great efforts to establish the OCU Symphony Orchestra and Chinese Ethnic Orchestra. In recent years, oriented by discipline construction, based on the undergraduate education, the art department strives to train high level professionals with innovative spirits and practical abilities. The objective is to let OCU Art department possess a national high-level and provincial first-class professional discipline system.

The undergraduate teaching unit consists of 5 teaching & research sections:

Music theory teaching & research section

Kang Jiandong, born in 1955, bachelor and professor

Zhang Yongchun, born in 1979, doctor and associate professor

Liu Hairong, born in 1980, master and lecturer

Jia Wei, born in 1980, master and lecturer.

Kang Ruiting, born in 1982, master and teaching assistant

Keyboard teaching & research section

Yin Ying, born in 1963, master and professor

Dong Xiao, born in 1979, master and lecturer

Li Qingyu, born in 1980, master and lecturer

Xu Shan, born in 1981, master and associate professor

Zou Yun, born in 1981, master and lecturer

Orchestra teaching & research section

Liu Yuxia, born in 1962, doctor and professor

Gai Rao, born in 1965, bachelor and professor

Zhuang Yan, born in 1981, master and lecturer

Song Yin, born in 1981, master and lecturer

Cui Suyan, born in 1982, master and lecturer

Li Peihong, master and teaching assistant

Tao Yi, master and teaching assistant

Ethnic music teaching & research section

Guo Liang, born in 1977, master and lecturer

Liu Lin, born in 1980, master and associate professor

Wang Yingying, born in 1981, master and lecturer

Liu Yinxuan, born in 1981, master and lecturer

Ning Yan, born in 1981, master and lecturer

Wang Yunfei, born in 1988, master and teaching assistant

Vocal music teaching & research section

Xu Ping, born in 1961, bachelor and professor

Sun Daodong, born in 1972, master and associate professor

Zou Weite, born in 1978, master and associate professor

Zhou Yanan, born in 1980, master and lecturer

Zheng Lin, born in 1977, bachelor and lecture

To the end of 2011, the ArtDepartment has four grades: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011and altogether 216 students. See as follows:

Keyboard major students: Currently a total of 26 students are majoring in keyboard.Two males and six females for grade 2011; 2 students, both females for grade 2010; 8 students for grade 2009, 3 males and 5 females, and 8 students for grade 2008, 1 male and 7 females. Male and female students’ ratio is 3:13. Folk music major students: a total of 65 professional students in the folk music major, 20 being male and 45 being female. Male and female students’ ratio is 4:9. Vocal major has 42 students, 17 being male and 25 being female.

In this discipline, the undergraduate courses for music arts consist of required professional courses and optional courses, including individual skills classes for each professional direction, professional ensemble (singing) lessons, chamber music (trio, quartet) classes, as well as group theoretical lessons.

Required Professional Courses:

Basis of Music Theory, Polyphonic Music Foundation, (I, II - harmony, III - polyphonic, IV – orchestration), Musical Forms and Analysis (Ⅰ and II),Computer Music Foundation (I, II), Introduction to Music History, Introduction to the History of Western Music, Chinese Folk Music, Introduction to Art, Introduction to Musicology, the Thesis of Music Paper Writing, Music Concert Psychology, Professional Music English, as well as individual professional skills courses for playing (singing), professional ensemble (singing) lessons, Fundamentals to Piano, Piano accompaniment skills Training , chamber music (trio, ensemble) courses.

Professional Optional courses:

Classic Masterpieces Appreciation, the Basis of the Song Writing, Introduction to Music Literary Creation, Introduction to 20th Century Music, Introduction to World Music and Multi-culture, Music Pedagogy, Theoretical Basis for Music Education, singing Voice (Germany, Italy, France, Russia, etc.), Keyboard Art History, History of Orchestral Music, Introduction to Folk Instruments, Stage Performance Basis, Selected Opera Performances.

To meet the social demand for high-level talents in music art and music literature, music Literature talent training will highlight the combination of theory and practice, the joint of basic capabilities and cutting-edge research, strengthen the innovation and practical capabilities and cultivate complex high-level talents on the solid foundation of theoretical knowledge.

Music literature has the significant cross-disciplinary characteristics, so the talent training lays special emphasis on the multidisciplinary integration of the teaching contents and curriculum design in order to adapt to the actual needs of society on talent training.

Post-graduate Education

Professional specialization of “Music Literature” includes:

Music Literature Theory

Music Literature Production

Music Literature and Music Performance