Department of Military Education

Departmentof Military Education was founded in 2003, in charge of military theory seriescourses for undergraduate students. Related courses were recognized as elaboratecourses. In recent years, 3 teachers won excellent grades in teachingevaluation by university. Facultywere rewarded in national university military theory teaching competition andresearth paper competition of national defense education. Department ofMilitary Education highlights features of maritime rights and defence educationduring teaching process.The country's first ''Chinese Maritime Rights EducationCenter'' was founded in 2011, which was reported by People's Daily, Xinhua NewsAgency ,CCTV and so on. Facultyfinished 2 projects of national and 1 project of the Ministry of education, participatedin 2 projects of the Ministry of education and 2 projects of China MarineResearch Center. Facultydelivered maritime rights speeches for government and party organizations,universities and army on invitation, provided advices for decision-makingdepartments and received important comments from party and state leaders.