The art department possesses professional and excellent faculty including doctor instructors, master instructors as well as doctors and masters graduated from first-class domestic conservatories. There are also a considerable number of faculty members with oversea academic experiences in Germany, France, Russia, Australia etc. Meanwhile, the department has employed well-know musicians from National Symphony Orchestra, Central Conservatory of Music and Qingdao Symphony Orchestra as adjunct professors or instructors.

Up to December 2011, the art department of OUC totally has 33 full-time teachers consisting of 4 professors, 3 associate professors, 22 lecturers and 3 teaching assistants among whom there are 2 Doctors and 23 Masters. A reasonable and efficient faculty structure has been formed with young teachers, being the majority, guided by the experienced senior teachers. The ratio of teachers with graduate degree and undergraduate degree is 3: 1. The ratio of teachers with senior titles (Professor, Associate Professor) or doctoral degree, and regular titles (lecturer, teaching assistant) is 1: 4.