About the College

Established in April, 2002, the Center is a collegelevel organization that is responsible for the teaching activities of fundamental courses in OUC. It consists of 7 teaching and research units, including the Department of Social Science, Department of Computer Science, Department of Education, Department of Physical Education, Department of Art, as well as the Psychology Education and ConsultingCenter. The Center currently has recruited 8 staff members and 124 faculty members, among whom 17 are professors and 21 are associate professors. A total number of 610 students are registered, including 76 postgraduate students.

A total of 31 undergraduate students were enrolled as the first class in the Department of Education in 2003, who successfully finished their study at OUC and graduated at 2007. The Department of Physical Education enrolled its first group of students in 2004 and in the year 2007, it started to offer a graduate program in Sporting Training major. Zhang Juanjuan, a graduate of the Department of Physical Education, won the gold medal in the woman’s individual archery match at the 2008 Olympic Games. Meanwhile, a quite number of students from the Department of Physical Education participated in the 2008 Olympic sailing competition and achieved impressive results.

Since the first class of students in 2005, the Department of Art has enrolled more than 516 students in Music Performance major. In 2007, the Department of Social Science enrolled the first group of 13 postgraduate students in two programs, namely Studies of Localization of Marxism in China and Ideological and Political Education.

Under the guidance of the university's leadership, the Center will continually forge ahead with determination and unity and strive to make its due contribution to the building of OUC as a top-level research-oriented comprehensive university.

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