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Ocean University of China

Ocean University of China (OUC) is a comprehensive university which offers courses in Science, Engineering, Agronomy, Economics, Liberal Arts, Pharmaceutics, Management, Law, and Education. OUC has been approved as one of the national key universities with “Project 985” and “Project 211”. OUC is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, the 29th Olympic Sailing Regatta in 2008, also a renowned summer resort and an attractive historic tourist city of scenic beauty and temperate climate.

China Studies

The College of Liberal Arts, Journalism and Communication at OUC offers this Master’s of China Studies program for international students with a keen interest in China who hope to broaden their previous studies or experiences of China, and for those who may have had little exposure to China in their studies to date and are limited by their Chinese language ability. It also aims to equip advanced, specialized personnel with a sophisticated and comprehensive understanding of China.


Our program offers a wide range of courses in China’s history and development, as well as its literature, philosophy, and tradition. In addition to undertaking the courses that cover the breadth of knowledge about China, students will also have an opportunity to develop their own particular areas of specialization by selecting relevant courses and writing dissertations on China’s history, society, culture tradition, philosophy, language, literature, and business. This program consists of three main focuses:

  • Chinese History and Contemporary Society

  • Chinese Philosophy and Thought

  • Chinese Language and Literature



Introduction to Chinese Culture

Ancient Chinese Philosophy and Thought

History of China: From Earliest Times to 1840

Classics of Ancient Chinese Literature

Accelerated Chinese LanguageⅠ

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Writers

History and Thought of Modern China

Introduction to Religion and Beliefs in China

Main Elective:

Accelerated Chinese LanguageⅡ

Chinese Folk Culture

China and the World Economy

Inter-cultural Communication

A Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Cultures

An Introduction to Chinese Language Culture

Chinese Society and Media Today

Chinese Art

China in the International Perspective

An Introduction to Chinese Maritime Culture

Field Study/Internship

Lecture/seminar series (Chinese pop culture, film, cuisine, education, political system, etc.)

Working Language: English is the working language in all classes.


This program has a strong team of faculty, including 14 professors and associate professors from the College of Liberal Arts, Journalism and Communication, and other departments of Ocean University of China, the majority of whom have the experiences of study, doing research and/or teaching in English speaking countries. In addition to faculty members from Ocean University of China, experts and scholars from our partner universities at home and abroad will be invited to give courses or lectures to our students. Faculty and their fields of interest are listed below.

Dr. Chen Yongsheng, Chinese philology

Prof. Chen Zhuo, traditional Chinese culture

Prof. Deng Hongfeng, English, history

Dr. Han Mei, ancient Chinese poetry, cultural study

Dr. He Weiqing, modern Chinese fiction

Prof. Huang Yaping, Chinese philology

Prof. Leng Weiguo, Chinese literature of early age.

Li Bei, Chinese art, art design

Dr. Li Jing, ancient Chinese literature and criticism

Prof. Li Yang, folklore and folk literature

Prof. Li Mengyu, intercultural communication, comp. Lit.

Prof. Liu Shuguang, world economy, marine economy

Dr. Liu Shuang, world literature

Dr. Liu Zhuoxia, literature of Tang & Song Dynasty

Prof. Luo Yirong, comparative literature, culture communication

Dr. Ma Hongwei, comparative literature

Dr. Min Ruiwu, history of cultural exchange

Prof. Qu Jinliang, study of marine culture

Prof. Wang Qingyun, Ancient Chinese Literature, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and

International Sinology

Dr. Wang Xujie, modern Chinese history

Prof. Xue Haiyan, fiction of Ming & Qing dynasties

Prof. Xue Yongwu, cultural studies, talent development

Dr. Yu Fan, history of Chinese Journalism

Prof. Zhou Hong, teaching Chinese as second language

Prof. Zou Weining, international communication

Dr. Zhu Jianjun, Wold history, maritime cultures


Application: 400 RMB

Tuition:20,500 RMB per year


Chinese Government Scholarship is available for international students in this program. For details, please visit:http://iec.ouc.edu.cn/Article/ShowArticle.asp?ArticleID=153

Please note: In the case of that ‘China Studies’ is not yet added by CSC into the category of major in CSC scholarship application form, when you fill in the application form, please select discipline ‘History’ then major ‘Chinese History and Culture’ that is most close to ‘China Studies’. OUC will replace ‘Chinese History and Culture’ by ‘China Studies’ in your application form before it is officially submitted to CSC.

Admission Requirements

1. Bachelor’s Degree holder;
2. Non-Chinese citizen;
3. Good English proficiency which meets the requirement of degree courses;
4. No previous Chinese language knowledge is required to apply for this program.


For information about application, registration and accommodation please visit:

Application Deadline: July 15 each year.

Entrance date: the beginning of September each year.

Duration of Study: The normal period of study for the program is 2 years, the achieved credits are valid within 5 years.


This program is housed at OUC’s Laoshan Campus, the main campus of the university. For more information about OUC’s campuses, please visit:

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