Undergraduate Programs

a)  Chinese Language and Literature
With high-level teaching resources, this program aims at training high-quality professionals catering to the needs of society in modern era, who have a solid foundation of literary knowledge, strong language ability, and broad horizons.

Major Courses:
Modern Chinese, Ancient Chinese, Ancient Chinese Literature, Modern Chinese Literature, Contemporary Chinese Literature, Foreign Literature, Comparative Literature, An Introduction to Linguistics, An Introduction to Literature, Aesthetics, etc.

Future Job Opportunities:
The graduates can be engaged in fields related to administration, cultural publicity, secretary work or teaching and research in government departments, enterprises and schools at all levels. A great number of graduates will pursue master’s or doctoral degrees at home or abroad.

Contact: Ma Hongwei (Deputy Head of the Department)
Telephone: +86-532-66787306

b)   Journalism
The program aims to educate innovative and multi-skilled professionals. The students are trained to master systematic knowledge about relevant theories and at the same time obtain professional skills of journalism, including the knowledge and capabilities of news reporting, writing, editing, commentary writing and photography. The students are also going to enjoy broad knowledge from different perspectives on literature, sociology, politics, management and economics as well as independent thinking so that they can take firm stand on the quest of news values and pursue the truth.

Future Job Opportunities: the graduates mainly go to work in the fields related to news reporting, writing and editing, including mass media such as newspaper office, radio station, television station, Internet and news agency. They may also work in the fields of publicizing and communication planning in public institutions and enterprises.
Major Courses: Introduction to Journalism, News Reporting and Writing, News Editing, News Commentary, The Deep-Level Reporting Study, History of Chinese Journalism, History of World Journalism Communication, Photography in Journalism, Radio and Television News, Intercultural Communication (Chinese-English bilingual teaching), Introduction to Communication, Modern Chinese Language, Chinese Literature, Foreign Literature, Public Relations, Advertising, Media Management, Online Journalism, Media Ethnics and Law, English Press Readings (taught in English), A History of Civilization (Chinese-English bilingual teaching), Politics, Economics, Sociology.

Contact: Ouyang Xia (Deputy Head of the Department)
Tel: +86-532-66787275

c)   Editing and Publishing Studies
This program aims to equipped multi-skilled talented personnel with systematic knowledge of editing and publishing, and skills in planning, editing and publishing marketing. From here, students can acquire knowledge of various aspects, for instance, Internet news writing, website management, web design and network information processing, journalism and publishing principles, and current up-to-date trends and situation at home and abroad. Through study, a better understanding of the policies and regulations regarding journalism and publishing industry in China will be acquired.

Major Courses: Editing, News Reporting and Writing, Introduction to Communication, History of Chinese Editing and Publication, Study of Periodical Editing, Book Editing, Network Editing, Website Editing, Computer-aid Editing, Introduction to Journalism, Modern Chinese Language, Chinese Literature, Foreign Literature, Basic of Internet Technology, Internet Communication, Network Information Management and Application, Web Design, Website Design and Management, Intercultural Communication (taught in both English and Chinese), Advertising, Enterprise Information Management and Electronic Business, English Press Readings (taught in English), A History of Civilization (taught in both English and Chinese), Politics, Economics, Sociology and so on.

Future Job Opportunities: Graduates will mainly engage themselves in the fields of editing, journalism, media planning, website design and management, Internet information collection, processing and communication in the industries of traditional media, new media, professional website, department of press and publication, public institutions and enterprises.

Contact: Ouyang Xia (Ass
ociate Head of the Department)

Tel: +86-532-66787275 E-mail: ouyangxia1799@sina.com

d)     Cultural Industry Management
The program offered by the Department of Cultural Industry is one of the first undergraduate majors in related area in China. The Department of Cultural Industry is also the major supporting institution for the National Research Center for Cultural Industry in OUC. Cultural industry, as an important sector in the national economy, encompasses many different fields such as cultural communication, content creativity, news media, network administration, film and television demonstration, audio and video advertising, cultural heritage, cultural tourism and sports entertainment.

Among 12 faculty members, the majority of them has the experience in conducting study and research in foreign countries. Among them, ten have received doctoral degrees from renowned universities in China and one is currently a Ph.D. candidate.

Major Courses: Introduction to Cultural Industry, Cultural Industries in China and Abroad,Introduction to Chinese Culture, Introduction to World Culture, History of Sino-foreign Cultural Communion, Cultural Policy and Law, Principle of Management, Cultural Market Management, Case Study of Cultural Industry Management, Project Planning and Management, Graphic Design, 3D Animation Design.

Characteristic Courses:
Introduction to Maritime Cultures, Introduction to Children’s Culture, The Study of Cultural Resources, Theory and Practice of Creativity, Maritime Cultural Relics Preservation and International Cooperation, Study of Antique Objects, Study of the City Cultures, Cultural Industry Development and Business Model, Special Topics on East Asian Language and Culture.

Future Job Opportunities:
The graduates may work in different departments and fields, including government organizations, cultural enterprises and institutions, press and publication, film and video, Internet culture, cultural tourism, museum and art institution, as well as cultural heritage preservation. Relevant job positions include manager, operator, creative designer, planner and researcher. The others may attend graduate programs, study abroad or start their own business.

Contact: Xu Xiangyu (Associate Head of the Department)
Tel: +86-532-66787265

e)   Chinese Language (as A Second Language)

This program for B.A. degree in Chinese as A Second Language offers courses that can be categorized into two groups. One is language skill courses including Chinese Intensive Reading, Chinese Extensive Reading, Chinese Listening, Spoken Chinese, Chinese Writing, Contemporary Topics Discussion, Chinese by Video, Audio & Speaking etc. These courses are designed to improve students’ listening, speaking, reading, writing and interpretation ability. The other group of courses focus on linguistics, literature, culture, and applied Chinese courses. They are Business Chinese, Newspaper Readings, Modern Chinese Vocabulary and Grammar, Classical Chinese, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Classical Chinese Literature, Translation & Interpreting, Chinese Culture Lecture Series etc.. These courses aim to widen students’ range of knowledge and to challenge them to reach high professional level in China studies.

Registration, Accommodation and Fees: OUC’s International Education Center provides services of registration and accommodation for all international students at OUC, including the students who enroll at the College of Liberal Arts, Journalism and Communication. For more details, please go to:


Contact: Wang Ying (Associate Head of the Department)
Tel: +86-532-85902100