Doctoral Program in Cultural Industries Management

Starting from 2011, this program provides courses such as Leading-Edge Theory of Cultural Industries, Maritime Cultural Industries Studies, Studies on Talents of Cultural Industries, Theoretical Studies of Cultural and Creative Industries , etc. In recent years, the faculty of this program have published many books and papers in the area of Cultural Industries, such as Cultural Resources and Cultural Industries, Introduction to Cultural Industries in the World, Case Study of Cultural Industry Management, Ethnic Arts and Cultural Industries, Cultural Industries and the Urban Development, etc.

This program offers four research directions: human resources of cultural industry, study of cultural & creativity industry, maritime cultural industry, and arts and cultural management.

Major courses:

Talent resources development culture industry, Cultural Industries Frontier Theory, Cultural Creative Industries Research, Topic on Marine Cultural Industries, Frontier of Economics, Frontier of Management, Study music composition, classification and value, Topic on Culture Human Resources, Cultural Industries Exploitation and Cultural Industries Development, Research on Children's Culture Industry, Marine Cultural Heritage Management and Administration, Media Economic Research, Topics in Cultural Enterprise, Art(music) and culture


Xue Yongwu, Zhu Ziqiang, Qu Jinliang, Zhang Shengbing, Kang Jiandong.