Department of Sinology

The Department of Sinology (formerly known as “Center for Teaching Chinese as Second Language [TCSL]”) initiated TCSL programs in early 1990s. It enjoys popularity among international students ever since, with the number of enrollments booming steadily. Currently the Department has 150 students from Korea, Japan, Russia, Pakistan, the U.S.A., and the U.K. etc.

The Department of Sinology has maintained high-pace and well balanced development. With rich teaching experiences and strong academic research capacities, 16 full-time teachers provides interesting and quality classes. In the meantime, there are 30 part-time teachers from other departments (including the Department of Chinese Language and Literature) of the college also teach here, among whom over 20 are associate professors and above. The strong faculty ensures the high teaching quality, and they have published quite a few textbooks including specialized textbooks for Japanese and Korean students, textbooks on Business Chinese, and series of Chinese classical and modern literature readings. Their research papers on TCSL have appeared in many journals. Most of the faculty members have experiences in teaching in foreign countries and enjoy good reputation at universities in the U.S., Germany, Belgium, Russia, Poland, Korea, Thailand, and Laos.

The department has produced talented professionals with Chinese language proficiency, good command of knowledge of Chinese culture, society, economy and trade, who have achieved success in all walks of life.

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Department Head: Associate Professor Zhou Hong
Associate Department Head: Associate Professor Wang Ying