Undergraduate Program

This program for B.A. degree in Chinese as A Second Language offers courses that can be categorized into two groups.One is language skill courses including Chinese Intensive Reading, Chinese Extensive Reading, Chinese Listening, Spoken Chinese, Chinese Writing,Contemporary Topics Discussion, Chinese by Video, Audio & Speaking etc. Thesecourses are designed to improve students’ listening, speaking, reading, writingand interpretation ability. The other group of courses focus on linguistics,literature, culture, and applied Chinese courses. They are Business Chinese,Newspaper Readings, Modern Chinese Vocabulary and Grammar, Classical Chinese,Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Classical Chinese Literature,Translation & Interpreting, Chinese Culture Lecture Series etc.. Thesecourses aim to widen students’ range of knowledge and to challenge them to reachhigh professional level in China studies.

Registration, Accommodation and Fees: OUC’s International Education Center provides services ofregistration and accommodation for all international students at OUC, includingthe students who enroll at the College of Liberal Arts, Journalism and Communication. For more details, please go to:



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