Accommodation at Foreign Expert Building
  • Before Arrival

Foreign teachers shall decide and inform the International Office with the help of their school department if they desire a university apartment, as well as any further requirements such as size or level of the apartment. The International Office will assist in reserving the apartments, and the departments shall inform the manager of Foreign Expert Building the foreign teachers’ arrival dates at least two weeks ahead.

Foreign teachers can move into the apartment ten days before their teaching task starts for free, but shall pay rent for any extra days before that date.

  • Checking In

According to Chinese law, within 24 hours of arrival in Qingdao, Foreign teachers must register with the local police office with the assistance of, and accompanied by, their department.

Foreign teachers shall check in at the Foreign Expert Building with the assistance of and accompanied by their department, check the equipment and facilities in the apartment and learn how to use them properly.

  • Equipment and Facilities

Foreign Expert Buildings are usually equipped with air conditioner, washing machine, microwave oven, TV, refrigerator, bed, sofa, working desk and chair, telephone, dining table, basic dinnerware and bedding. Heating and cooking gas systems are installed.

  • Water, electricity, gas, heating and telephone bills

Foreign teachers will bear all costs of Water, electricity, cooking gas, heating and phone calls in the apartment. The Manager of the Foreign Expert Building will provide a form, which foreign teachers will sign to confirm the initial numbers of water, electricity and cooking gas upon the first day checking in the apartment.

Water and Electricity bills will be provided to each foreign teacher several times a year in early December, March and July. Foreign teachers will pay for the bills according to the contract and the cost will be deducted from the monthly wages by the university after the foreign teacher signs the bill acknowledging the charges. Foreign teacher will pay for the cooking gas from his/her rechargeable card.

OUC will provide heating allowances which vary in amount by job title. The allowance will be given out and expenses will be deducted at the beginning of the heating period. Foreign teachers will keep or make up the differences.

The telephone bill will be paid by the foreign teacher who can also buy telephone recharge cards to make phone calls.

  • Maintenance and Repair Services

Damages by daily consumption will be fixed and paid by Foreign Expert Building. Artificial and misusage damages will be fixed and paid by the apartment renter.

For daily repairs, Please go and register at Room 102, Unit 2, Building 51, Fushan Campus or Duty Room of Yushan Foreign Expert Building on every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm to appoint a repair time. Please refer to the attachment for the maintenance and registration form.

Repairs that can be resolved by the university internally take 1-3 days, and repairs involving external organizations take 3-7 days.

For emergency repairs, please contact the Manager of Foreign Expert Building anytime: Ms. Wang Shuhong, 13573270331.

Maintenance staff will enter the foreign teacher’s apartment accompanied by the managerial staff of the Foreign Expert Building. For any special case, managerial staff will inform the foreign teacher and get his/her permission.

Foreign teachers are not allowed to fix or change the equipment or facilities in their apartments, and will be responsible for any possible damages or dangers and bear the relevant costs.

Other Issues

1. Immediate family members can live with the foreign teachers in the Foreign Expert Building for free with registration and permission from Management Office of the Building. Family members must register with the local police office as well within 24 hours of arrival.
2. Friends and students of foreign teachers’ must enter the apartments with registration and permission from Management Office of Foreign Expert Building.
3、No loud noise or music is allowed in the apartment that is likely to bother neighbors.
4. Flammable and explosive substances are not allowed in the apartment. Improper or overloaded use of indoor electricity is prohibited. Please turn off electricity and town gas or liquidized gas when leaving the apartment. In case there is a fire in the residence, put out the fire immediately if possible, escape from the exits and inform the managerial staff.
5. Please close the windows and doors before leaving and keep the keys in a secure place. In case there are problems with the windows or doors, please contact the managerial staff for repair or replacement. Expensive items or large sums of cash should be kept in a secure place.
6. Foreign teachers shall inform and ask the managerial staff to look after the apartment if they need to be away for a longer period.

Checking Out

Foreign teachers should inform the managerial staff of their departure at least two weeks ahead, and the managerial staff will check the items in the apartment in the presence of the foreign teacher.

Contacts of Foreign Expert Building

Yushan Campus:+86-532-82032309
Fushan Campus:+86-532-85902616
Ms. Wang Shuhong, Manager of Foreign Expert Building:13573270331

Attention: Because of language differences, for a better efficiency, we advise foreign teachers to communicate with the managerial staff with the assistance of their Chinese students or colleagues.