Department of Ocean Engineering

Harbor, Channel and Coastal Engineering

This major has about 20 faculties and recruit students about 50 every year. The students are required to master the basic knowledge and skills in port, channel and coast engineering and related engineering field (Hydraulic Engineering, Ocean Engineering and Civil Engineering). The graduated students from this major can serve as senior engineers in the fields of water conservancy, energy, transportation and other departments engaged in port and waterway engineering, coastal and offshore engineering, and environmental engineering. They may carry out planning, investigation, design, construction, management, and et al.

Introduction of key courses

The key courses of our major includes: Hydraulics, Soil Mechanics and Foundation, Engineering Hydrology, Reinforced-Concrete Structure, River Dynamics, Coastal Dynamics, Planning and Layout of Port, Port and Hydraulic Engineering Construction, River and Waterway Regulation, Coastal Engineering, Budget and Bidding, Port Management and et al.

Introduction of National Special Major & Excellence Engineer Education Program“Harbor, Channel and Coastal Engineering” is the National Special Major, and was selected in 2011 the Ministry of education "Excellence Engineer education program". We will foster a large number of senior engineers with innovative ability and adapt to the needs of economic and social development of the high quality of port and coastal engineering. Our graduate students will service building an innovation oriented national strategies and talent. The training program of "Excellence Engineer education program" was completed at the first half of 2012. From the beginning of the second half of 2012, the annual selection from the second grade students in 10 or so into the plan of excellent engineers training. At present, joint training bases have been founded in Tianjin Waterway Bureau, RizhaoPort, Qingdao port, Zhongcheng International Maritime Company and so on. We can significantly improve the students' ability of innovation and practice.

Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

The first-class discipline——Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering was established in 2003. In 2011, it was awarded a Shandong Province Key Discipline. Now there are 12 faculty and more than 200 undergraduate students. The research work covers a broad area of ship and ocean engineering such as marine hydrodynamic; offshore and ocean structures, ship design technology and offshore renewable energy. The objective of the undergraduate degree program is to cultivate professional engineers and administrative personnel with a strong base in fundamental knowledge and technology in ocean engineering; an ability of plan, design, construction and administration in ocean engineering. Employment opportunities exist with industry, consulting firms, and government agencies of coastal and ocean engineering.

Key curricula for Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering major:

Structure Mechanics; Fluid Mechanics; Ocean Engineering Environment; Wave Mechanics forOcean Engineering; Finite Element Method for Structure Analysis; Structure of Offshore Platform; Ship Strength and Structure Design; Principle of Naval Architecture Province Special Major: Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (2013).Excellence Engineer education program in Shandong Province: Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering was selected in 2013 the Shandong Province "Excellence Engineer education program". The program is to provide both of theoretical and practical undergraduate programs that prepare our students for professional careers in naval architecture and ocean engineering in industry. Our graduate students will have a quality of senior engineer and an ability to apply knowledge and the skills to engineering problems so as to meet the requirements from industry. At present, joint training bases have been founded in plenty of companies and institutes from naval architecture and ocean engineering