Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Design & Manufacture and Automation

The major of Mechanical Design & Manufacture and Automation aims at training Innovative talents with international competitiveness that can meet the requirement from national manufacturing industry and the development of marine resources. The major base itself on strong engineering disciplines, with solid scientific research strength as support so as to enable students obtain a scientific knowledge structure, a strong practical ability, a broad international vision, a strong sense of innovation and the spirit of cooperation, confidence and communication skills. The major specifically includes: Mastering the basic theory and method of mechanical design& machinery manufacturing, getting familiar with electronic technology, automation and computer technology.Students are capable work in the field of manufacturing and designing of machinery products, technology development, application research as well as operation management.

The major was inducted into "Excellent engineer education program” of the Ministry of education in 2011, which fresh-men will be selected into basing on their own merits. This program target at cultivating high-level innovative talent in engineering and technology with strong innovation ability, which can meet the needs of economic and social development, in order to provide services for the strategy of national new industrialization path, as well as building an innovative country and talents. At the same time, the major was rated "specialty in ShandongProvince" in 2012, providing a better condition for the professional development and talent training.

Courses mainly include: Mechanical Drawing, Theoretical Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Material Mechanics, Thermodynamics Engineering, Mechanism and Machine Theory, Mechanical Designing, Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering , Principle of Control in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Measurement and Information Processing.

Graduate destination: a large portion of Graduates get job offer from large and medium-sized enterprises and government agencies such as Sinopec, CNOOC, Haier, Hisense, South car group, Xugong Group; About 1/5 graduates annually further study their major in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology University

Industrial design

Industrial design profession is an edge discipline belongs to multidisciplinary cross , has a strong comprehensive. This profession is based on people's point of view, makes design revolving around people and product, in order to design the products meeting the demand of people. Through systematic professional basic theory and knowledge, application ability training, it can cultivate talents who have not only the natural science knowledge and a certain ability of social science and humanities, and have a better design expression ability, innovation thinking ability ,comprehensive abilities of planning and design and development practices.

The main courses of this profession are: drawing, design expression, industrial product design, mechanical foundation, design drawing, design of man-machine engineering, psychology, computer aided industrial design, advertising design, display design, virtual design, etc.

Graduates are mainly going to the enterprises, professional design department, schools, scientific research units, engaged in product design ,product development planning and management, , product packaging design, brand image design, display design, environmental design and other design work.

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