Department of Automation and Measurement

Department of Automation and Measurement

Ocean University of China’s Automation and Measurement Department offers a full-time four-year program leading to a degree of Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Automation.

This undergraduate program provides foundation courses in Mathematics, Physics, Control Theory, Mechatronics, and Electrical & Computer Engineering Analysis and Design. Our faculty members are committed to provide maximum flexibility to the students through considerate design of curriculum, which we believe will position our graduates well in an increasingly interdisciplinary workplace and a fast-changing society.

Program Objectives

We prepare our graduates to achieve the following accomplishments.

Our graduates will: equipped with a broad and firm engineering fundamental of electrical and electronic technology, control theory, measurement technology and instruments, computer technology and application, information acquisition and processing, network technology, etc. able to practice professions in one or more of the following areas: motion control, industrial process control, power electronics, measurement and automation instrumentation, electronics and computer technology, information processing, management and decision, etc. able to assume a leadership role in system analysis, design and operation, research and development. able to pursue and complete advanced academic degrees.

Student Outcomes

By the time of graduation, students are expected to have the following knowledge and abilities.

Our graduates have:

1.a strong foundation in physical sciences and mathematics, a good foundation in humanities and social sciences, good competence to read, speak and write in foreign languages.

2.a good knowledge of fundamental theories such as circuit theory, electronic technology, control theory, information processing, computer software and hardware application, and computer network technology.

3.a firm background on automatic control, electrical machinery and towage, power electronics and information processing.

4.a good engineering training on system analysis, design and development. ability to pursue scientific research, technological development and organization administration.