Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

The professional training cultivate students to master the basic theory and professional knowledge of civil engineering disciplines , have engaged in civil engineering project planning , design, research, development , construction and management capabilities , access to basic engineers training,housing construction, geotechnical engineering , roads and bridge engineering , low-carbon and energy-saving projects and other civil engineering design, construction , management, education, research , investment and development department in technical or senior management expertise .

Main courses:Theoretical mechanics , mechanics of materials , structural mechanics, soil mechanics , building architecture , geotechnical engineering materials , engineering survey, the basic principles of concrete structures , steel structures, building design principles, basic engineering ,building construction , civil construction, bridge engineering , road embankment project and so on

Training Features:The professional focus on teaching the basic theory and engineering technology, focus on training the overall quality and innovation , and focus on improving students' ability to combine theory and practice , Grasp the ability of civil engineering design, construction and management of the process of solving practical problems

Graduates can engage in civil engineering survey and design , construction technology and management in the design institutes, construction companies, universities , research institutes, government departments, various development companies, teaching and research , infrastructure management, engineering consulting, engineering quality supervision and supervision and other aspects of the work .

project management

The profession cultivates the senior specialized talents who possess the knowledge of project management and engineering technic,can work on the construction project of decision-making, practices and management of the whole process, and have a higher level ability of foreign language and computer skills.Meanwhile, with the international practice of the situation in conjunction,The profession cultivates the postgraduates with the ability of the project decision analysis, project cost and pricing, construction contracts and contract management, organization and project construction schedule, quality, cost control operational capacity.

Main courses: principles of management, technical economics, operations research, applied statistics, economic law, building architecture, building structure engineering, project supervision, project management, civil engineering construction technology and organization, project valuation method, contract management, project financing, etc.

The postgraduates will mainly work in the field of the construction administrative department, real estate companies, construction supervision unit, construction and engineering cost consulting department and property management company, engaged in project management, project valuation, investment analysis, project bidding and international project management, etc.