Emeritus leaders and professors of Engineering College are invited to attend 2014 New Year party

Some of emeritus leaders of our college are invited to attend 2014 New Year party at Room A319, on Jan 13, 2014. Emeritus leaders as Prof. Shan Guangshu, Prof. Chen Xiangying, Prof. Liu Defu et al came to College of Engineering to attend 2014 New Year party. Dean Shi firstly introduced the achivements in discipline development, teaching, research, social service gained in 2013; Prof. Fan introduced the activities of Education Experience of CPC's people route. They also consulted the problems in college development from emeritus leaders. Prof. Chen et al expressed satifatory for the achievement of College of Engineering in recent years and gave some valuable advice on the fields as discipline development, teaching. At the end of the party, Emeritus leaders appreciated the invitation of College and hope our college can make more progress in the future. College leaders express the appreciation for the emeritus professors' advice and wished all the Emeritus leaders have good health and happy life. Members of joint meeting of CPC and administration of College also attended the party.