Qing-Zhong Li

Office: B205, Building of college of engineering
fax     : 86-532-66781550


Shandong University of Science and Technology, study for a B. S. degree.
1985-1988AgriculturalUniversity of China, study for a M.S. degree.
1997-2000Agricultural University of China, study for a Ph.D. degree.

Research Interest

Qing-Zhong Li’sresearch interests are in the areas of image processing, pattern recognition, and intelligent control of underwater robots.

Teaching Courses

Pattern recognition; Digital image processing; C++ programming; Industrial Robots.


(1)Qingzhong li, Wenjin Wang. Low-bit-rate coding of underwater color image using improved wavelet difference reduction. Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, 2010,21:762-769.
(2)Qing-Zhong LI, Zhong-Feng GE, A visibility improving algorithm for underwater images based on underwater image formation model with non-uniform illumination. Journal of Optoelectronics. Laser, 2011, 22(12)1862-1866.
(3)Qing-Zhong LI, Xiao Ling Geng. Fast video mosaic construction for observation of large static scenes. Pro. of World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering, California, USA, 2009, 349-354.
(4)Qingzhong li, Dongxiao He. Effective moving objects detection based on clustering background model for video surveillance. The International Congress on Image and Signal Processing, 2008, 656-660.
(5)Qingzhong LI, Jia-Xu Liu. A DM642-based underwater video coding system. Pro. Of the International conference on Digital Content, Multimedia Technology and its Applications, Seoul, Korea, 2009, August 25-27,1567-1572.

Research Projects:

1.Efficient coding technique of underwater video for underwater robots, the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program, Grant No. 2006AA09Z237
2.Research of underwater video observation methods.

Research achievements or Awards

1. The algorithm of efficient underwater video coding has been developed.
2. The algorithm of underwater video enhancement and restoration has been developed
3. Fast mosaicing algorithm for underwater multi-camera panoramic video observation has been developed.