Qi Shengbo

Office: B204 Mechanical Engineering
fax  : (+86)0532-66781550
Phone: (+86)0532-66781562   


1990-1994Computer science and engineering
Huazhong University of Science and technology
1999-2002Signal and information processingOcean University of China
2007-2011Mechanical and electronic engineeringShan Dong University

Research Interest

Qi Shengbo’s research interests cover a wide range in embedded system and electronic engineering. The main research areas are: the hardware and software of embedded system, intelligent ocean exploring instruments, and automotive electronics, such as the ocean buoy processing system, Sea glider controlled system, automotive cruise control system, etc.

Teaching Courses

Measuring technology
Intelligent instrument and apparatus


1. Qi Sheng-bo, Zhang Cheng-rui, Luo Ying. AMT Electronic Control System Design Based on SOPC and Quantum Framework. Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery, 2011.10
42(10): 13-19
2. Qi Sheng-bo, Ji Feng-lei, Yu Jing-dong. Modeling and Implementing of AMT Electronic Control System based on UML. Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery, 2013.444(4): 8-14
3.Qi Sheng-bo, Zhang Cheng-rui, Qi Zhen-jun and Jiang Qi-sheng. SOPC Technology Applied on Automatic Mechanical Transmission Control Unit Design, WCICA2010.
4. Qi Sheng-bo, Zhang Cheng-rui, and Xie Hong-lin. Using Expert PID Control in Hydraulic-based AMT System to Reduce Shift Vibration, IEEEMESA2010.
5. Qi Sheng-bo,Tian Xuewen. Dual Nios II soft cores and application on embedded system. Microcontrollers & Embedded Systems, 2008.2
6. Qi Sheng-bo, Ma Xiu-ming. Bootloader program design of offline encryption programmer.

Microcontrollers & Embedded Systems, 2008,10
7. Qi Sheng-bo, Ma Xiu-ming. Research of the in-application-programming of FPGA. Microcontrollers & Embedded Systems, 2009,1

Research Projects:

1. Sea surface oil spill detection sensor and intelligent instruments
2. Equipment research of sea-floor controlled source Electromagnetic
3. System integration of large Marine data buoy
4. Ocean acoustic glider
5. Coastal Marine meteorological observation system
6. Automotive adaptive cruise control system