Zhang Ling

Office: Department of Automation and Measurement
Phone: 13210896017


2003-2007 Tsinghua University,Doctor of Engineering
2000-2003 Ocean University of China, Master of Engineering
1996-2000Ocean University of China, Bachelor of Engineering

Research Interest

Zhanglings research interests focus on the area of signal processing and intelligent control. The main research areas are: Intelligent signal processing, Communication signal processing, Radar signal processing.

Teaching Courses

Signals and systems, System identification, Optimal estimation theory, Theories and methods of optimization

1.Zhang Ling, Dong Qi, Li Ming, Niu Jiong, Ji Yong-Gang, Wang Yi-MingShip Target Detection with Surface Wave Radar Based on Fault Detection MethodProc. the 25th Chinese Control and Decision Conference, 2013, 2421-2425
2.Zhang Ling, Ling Bing, Luo Wei, Liu Xinxin, Pang Yuexin, Obstacle avoidance scheme for RFID based mobile robot in libraries, Advanced Materials Research, 2012 vol.433-440, 6802-6806
3.Zhang Ling, Qi Ya-Hui, Dong Chang-Hao, Application of Internet and ZigBee in Robot Remote Control, Periodical of Ocean University of China, 2010, 40(8), 141-144
4.Ling Zhang, Xian-Da Zhang. An optimal filtering algorithm for systems with multiplicative/additive noises. IEEE Signal Processing Letters. 2007, 14(7), 469-472.
5.Zhang Ling, Zhang Xianda. MIMO channel estimation and equalization using three layered neural networks with feedback process. Tsinghua Science and Technology. 2007, 12(6), 658-662.
6.Zhang Ling, Zhang Xianda. An overview of blind channel estimation algorithms for MIMO-OFDM systems, Chinese Journal of Electronics2007, 35(6A), 1-6.

Research Projects:

1. Research on adaptive multi
-parameter estimation methods for underwater acoustic communication systems, Natural Science Foundation of Shandong Province
2. Basic research on remote sensing technology of marine dynamic process by shipborne HFSWR, Natural Science Foundation of China

Research achievements or Awards

1. Excellent teaching achievement award of Ocean University of China in 2010