Daxiao Gao

Daxiao Gao              
Title: Lecturer
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Engineering College, Ocean University of China,
238 Songling Road, Qingdao, P. R. China, 266100

2005.03-2008.03 Tianjin University, Ph. D. in Mechanical Manufacture and Automation 2002.03-2004.07 Tianjin University, Eng. M. in Mechanical Manufacture and Automation
1988.09-1992.07 Shandong University of Technology, Eng. B. in Welding technology and equipment
Work Experience
2008.5-Now.  Work in, Engineering College, Ocean University of China
Research Interests
1. Principle and Device of the Ocean Wave Energy Conversion
2. Creative Design of Automated Machine
Cybernetics Foundation for Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Innovation Design
Modern Signal Processing Technology and Its Application
Welding of Ocean Engineering Structure
Research Projects
1. Be in charge of “Fundamental research on linear permanent magnet wave energy generator based on inertial motion” supported by Science Fundation of Shandong Province(from 2012 to 2015).
2. Key project participant of “Principle and experiment research on wave energy converter based on inertial motion ” supported by Science Fundation of Qingdao municipal government(from 2012 to 2014).
Major Publication:
1. Daxiao Gao, Fangjie Wang, Zongyu Chang et al. 2012 International Conference on Materials for Renewable Energy & Environment, 2012, 2: 757-761.
2. Gao Daxiao, Wang Fangjie, Shi Hongda et al. Development of wave energy converter abroad, Ocean Development and Management, 2012.11.
3. Gao Daxiao, Zhang Chao, Zhao Lin et al. Numerical simulation of thin plate welding temperature field based on “cold-arc welding”, Mechanical and Electrical Information, 2012.3(3):111-112.
4. Gao Daxiao, Ren Chengzu, Wang Zhiqiang et al. Real-Time Monitoring and Controlling of Electro-discharge Precision Truing of Cast-Iron-Bonded Fine Grain Diamond Wheel,Journal of Tianjin University, 2008.1.41(1):97-102.
5. Ren Chengzu, Gao Daxia, Jin Xinmin, Study on the Mechanism of Electro-discharge Truing of Cast-iron-bonded Fine-grain Diamond Wheel, China mechanical engineer, 2008.3.19(5):579-584.
6. Gao Daxiao, Ren Chengzu, Wang Zhiqiang et al. Electro-discharge Truing of Cast Iron Bonded Fine Abrasive Diamond Wheel, Journal of Tianjin University, 2007.5.40(5):584-588.
7. Chengzu Ren, Daxiao Gao, Lianhong Zhang et al. Sphering mechanism for the green ceramic balls ground with the two-wheels grinding technique, Key Engineering Materials, 2005: 280-283.