Min Zhang

Min Zhang        
Title: Lecturer
Department: Ocean Engineering
Engineering College, Ocean University of China,
238 Songling Road, Qingdao, P. R. China, 266100
Office Phone   86-532-6678-1672

2003.9-2010.7 Ocean University of China, Ph. D. in Port, Coastal and Offshore Engineering
1999.9-2003.7 Ocean University of China, Eng. B. in Port, Channel and Coastal Engineering

Work Experience
2010.7 -Now     Work in, Engineering College, Ocean University of China

Research Interests
1. Health monitoring of offshore structures.
2. Dynamic characteristics analysis of offshore wind turbine structures.
Vibration measurement technology;
Specialized English;
Engineering Mathematics

Research Projects
1. Be in charge of “Study on dynamic characteristics and health monitoring technology of the foundation structure of offshore wind turbine” supported by National Science Foundation of China, (from 2013 to 2015).
2. Be in charge of “Study on key technology of vibration testing for the foundation structure of tripod-type offshore wind turbine” supported by Shandong Province (from 2012 to 2014).

Major Publication:
1. Li HuaJun, Zhang Min, Wang JunRong, Hu Sau-Lon James, Fundamental modeling issues on benchmark structure for structural health monitoring, Science in China Series E: Technological Sciences, 2008, 51(12): pp2254-2268
2. Huajun Li, Min Zhang, Sau-Lon James Hu, Refinement of reduced-models for dynamic systems, Progress in Nature Science, 2008, 18, pp993-997
3. ZHANG Min, LI Hua-jun, WANG Jun-rong, A New Modification Method for Structural Dynamic Characteristics (in Chinese), ENGINEERING MECHANICS, 2009, 8, pp10-14
4. Min Zhang, Huajun Li, Yingchao Li, S.-L. James Hu. Structural Modification by Reassigning Natural Frequencies of Offshore Jacket Platforms. Proceedings of the Twenty-first (2011) International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, Maui, Hawaii, USA, June 19-24, 2011, 233-238
5. Min Zhang, Huajun Li and Sau-Lon James Hu, Fundamental Structural Frequency Analysis for Jacket-Type Offshore Wind Turbine, 20th (2010) International Offshore (Ocean) and Polar Engineering Conference, June 20-26, 2010, Beijing, China  
6. Min Zhang, Huajun Li, Sau-Lon James Hu, Appropriateness of shear-building models for ASCE SHM Benchmark structure, World forum on smart material and smart structures technology, 22-27 May, 2007, Chongqing and Nanjing, China