Yong Liu

Yong Liu

Associate Professor

Office: Ocean Engineering
fax     : (86) 532-66781550

Phone: (86) 532-66781129



1995–1999Dalian University ofTechnology, Eng. B. in Port channel and river management Engineering

2002–2007 Dalian University of Technology,Ph. D. in Port, Coastal and offshore Engineering

Research Interest

Dr. Yong LIU’s research is primarily in theoretical, experimental andnumerical studies on wave interaction with wave dissipating coastal structures.Dr. LIU also studied sloshing in watertank and fluid resonance in gap and moon pool. He has published more than 20peer-reviewed journal papers.

Teaching Courses

Coastal Engineering


1. LIU Yong, LI Hua-jun. Wave reflection and transmission by porousbreakwaters: A new analytical solution. Coastal Engineering, 2013, 78, 46–52.

2. LIU Yong, LI Hua-jun. Analysis of wave interaction with submergedperforated semi-circular breakwaters through multipole method. Applied OceanResearch, 2012, 34 (1): 164–172.

3. LIU Yong, LI Yu-cheng. An alternative analytical solution forwater-wave motion over a submerged horizontal porous plate. Journal ofEngineering Mathematics, 2011, 69 (4): 385–400.

4. LIU Yong, LI Yu-cheng, Teng Bin, et al. Total horizontal and verticalforces of irregular waves on partially perforated caisson breakwaters. CoastalEngineering, 2008, 55 (6): 537–552.

5. LIU Yong, LI Yu-cheng, Teng Bin. Wave interaction with a perforatedwall breakwater with a submerged horizontal porous plate. Ocean Engineering,2007, 34 (17-18): 2364–2373.


1. Be in charge of “Study on the effect mechanism of coastal reflection onthe hydrodynamic performance of partially immersed Jarlan-type perforatedbreakwaters” supported by National Science Foundation of China (from 2013 to2016).