Fushun Liu

Fushun Liu

College ofEngineering, Ocean University of China

Telephone: (86)-532-66781672;Fax: (86)-532-66781550; Email:percyliu@ouc.edu.cn


Ph.D., Port Coastal and offshoreengineering, Ocean University of China, 2005-2008

M.S., Structural Engineering, Qingdao Technological University, 2002-2005

B.S., Civil Engineering, JinanUniversity, 2000 - 2002.

Road & Bridge Engineering, Shandong AgriculturalUniversity, 1997-2000


Visiting Scholar,Departmentof Ocean Engineering , University of Rhode Island, US, 2013.9-2014.9

Associate Professor, Department of Ocean Engineering, Ocean Universityof China, Qingdao, Shandong, 2010-present.

Lecture, Department of Ocean Engineering, Ocean University of China,Qingdao, Shandong, 2008-2010.

Recent SponsoredResearch Projects

NSFC: Damage detection based on damping information of offshoreplatform with nonclassical damping, RMB 250,000, 2011-2013.

NSFC: Inversion of hydradynamic parameters and model reduction forfluid structure interaction of floating platforms, RMB 820,000,2013-2016.

HydroChina Huadong Engineering Corporation: Dynamic research on jacket-typesupporting structure of 3.0-MW offshore wind turbine, RMB 500,000, 2011-2012.

Sinopec: Vortex induced vibration and control methods for suspendedpipelines in Shengli Oil Field, RMB 280,000, 2012-2013.


Structure Mechanics, 5 credits.

Steel Structure, 3 credits.

Steel Structure Design, 1 credit.


StructureMechanics for Offshore Structures, Weiping Huang and Fushun Liu, Moderneducation press, ISBN 978-7-5106-1057-7, Apr. 2012.


A non-proportional damping matrix identification method,ZL201010244571.1, 2012.5

Assessmenton damage severity based on frequencies, ZL 201010244573.0, 2012.7.

Amodal parameter identification method based on model order determination andnoise elimination, ZL 201010278747.5, 2012.9

A newsensor optimization method for offshore wind turbine, 201210571031.3, 2012.12

Ainverse algorithm for added mass estimation of surrounded fluid,201210522106.9, 2012.12

Research Interests

Modalparameters estimation

Modelupdating for dynamic systems

Structuralhealth monitoring

Selected Publications

1Liu Fushun*, LiHuajunTwo-Step Mode Shape ExpansionMethod for Offshore Jacket Structures with Physical Meaningful ModellingErrors.,OceanEngineering, 2013, 63(1): 26-34

2Liu Fushun*, Li Huajun. Rapid Direct ModeShape Expansion for Offshore Jacket Structures Using a Hybrid Vector. OceanEngineering, 2012511, 119 – 128

3Liu Fushun*.Direct mode-shape expansion of a spatially incomplete measured mode by ahybrid-vector modification. Journal of Sound and Vibration 330 (2011)4633–4645.

4Liu Fushun*ChenZhengshou, Li Wei. Non-iterative mode shape expansion for three-dimensionalstructures based on coordinate decomposition. Journal ofVibroengineering.2012,14(3): 984-993

5)Li Huajun*,Liu Fushun, and Hu Sau-Lon James. Employing incomplete complex modes for modelupdating and damage detection of damped structures. Science in China Series E:Technological Sciences,2008,51(12):2254-2268

6)LiuFushun, Wang Weiying and Wang Shuqing. Model Updating and Damage DetectionUsing Direct Mode Shape Expansion to Dealing with Spatial Incompleteness. AppliedMathematics & Information Sciences,2014, 8(2): 651-656.

7)ShuqingWang, Fushun Liu. New accuracy indicator to quantify the true and false modesfor eigensystem realization algorithm. Structural engineering &mechanics,2010,34(5):625-634

8) Wang Shuqing, Liu Fushun and Zhang Min, Modal StrainEnergy Based Structural Damage Localization for Offshore Platform usingSimulated and Measured Data, Journal of Ocean University of China, 2013, 12(4):512-517.