National Engineering Research Centers

National Engineering Research Center for Marine Drugs

The National Engineering Research Center for Marine Drugs obtained acceptance from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China in 2000, when it was officially given its present name. The main activities of the Center are to systematically assemble, integrate, and assort the technology of the separation, extraction, and synthesis, as well as the semi-synthesis of active materials existing in the ocean. On this basis further research on the technical process of developing marine drugs and related products is carried out.


The main areas of research and development include:
1. Research in the engineering technologies of the extraction and separation of active materials in the ocean.
2. Research and development of the engineering technologies of the chemical modification of marine natural products, as well as the artificial synthesis of active materials.
3. Research in the engineering technologies of mass biological culture, concentration, and collection of Medicinal microalgae.


Guan Huashi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is the director of the center. At present, the center boasts more than 20 researchers and more than 40 significant research projects included in “Project 973” and “Project 863” as well as National Programs for Science and Technology Development, with funds exceeding 24.1 million yuan. Focusing on the high-value development of the five new marine drugs and seaweed biological products, the center is conducting research in new marine drugs and functional biological products. All of the efforts have brought innovative fruits: two second prizes at the national level, 12 first prizes at provincial and ministerial levels, 54 patents, and over 90 papers published in the Science Citation Index and the Engineering Index.

The planned location of the center is on the premises of Lantai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., of Ocean University of China (OUC), with the support of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of OUC. At present, the center covers an area of 2,000 ㎡, with large-scale equipment, including a QTOF-MS, worth over 26 million yuan.

Through strengthened development, the center will become a technology center and a modern test base for the research and development of marine drugs with unique features. Furthermore, it will function as a channel for the engineering and commercialization of the scientific and technological achievements between research institutions and manufacturers, as well as a major base for engineering research and training of talent in this area.