Course Profile

1.The Theory of Militarism

This curriculum increases students' knowledge of militarism and national defence bymeans of study, cultivates students' Patriotism and improves students' comprehensivequality. The Theory of Militarism which has features of maritime rights anddefence education helps students establish right sense of maritime rights anddefence, makes a due contribution to train students to become talent person whohas well-knit professional knowledge and comprehensive knowledge of maritime rightsand defence.

2. Maritime Rights and China

This curriculum highlights the important significance of the survival anddevelopment of mankind; clears the concept and connotation of Maritime Rightsand the principle of partition of sea areas under national jurisdiction and thejurisdiction of the international by "the united nations convention onthe law of the sea"; analyses influence of ocean inChinese history; reviews the history process of marine countries in the worldutilizing and moving towards to the ocean; clarify the grave situation of maritimerights of China and strengthen the sense of maritime rights of students.

3.Sino-U.S. relation

Sino-U.S.relation is the most important bilateral relation in the world. As two giants,the development of Sino-U.S. relation affects two countries and the wholeworld. This curriculum helps students understand the history process of Sino-U.S.relation and know that the development of Sino-U.S. relation conforms with thewish of two countries; the direction of Sino-U.S. relation not only determinethe direction of the relation among the countries in the Asian-pacific regionbut also affect and decide the direction of international relations in the 21century to a large extent. A healthy and stable development of Sino-US relationconforms with people's interest of two countries and in favor of peace,stability and development of the world.

4.Military Hot Spots in the Contemporary World

This curriculum helps students understand the threats and challenges that a highlyvolatile international situation brings to China; clear their own historicalresponsibility; recognize the intimate relationship between military and safetyof country; strengthen the sense of national defense and security and improvestudents' comprehensive quality.

5.The Essentials of WW II History

This curriculum reveals the essentials of WW II history. It is carried forwardmainly by teacher’s lectures with the help of multimedia instruments. At thesame time, discussion and debate are used properly in the class. From the curriculum,the students will receive abundant history knowledge, greatly enhance theirhuman spirit, and efficiently improve their ability to analyze and solve problems.