Inrecent years, the military teaching department always adhereto the policy of combination of teaching and research, declare a number ofprojects of national, province and the Ministry of education, and getsubstantial research achievements.

Research field

Military theory, Ocean Sence and maritime rights education, national defense education,military history, maritime history, international relation, and so on.

Research projects

Research of Current Situation, Reason, and Countermeasures of East-Sea Matter BetweenChina and Japan (the Ministry of education)

Researchof India Maritime Rights Strategy and Maritime Safety of China (the Ministry of education)

The History of the World War II and the Post-war World Peace Foundation (Ocean Universityof China)

Research achievements

Faculty of Department of MilitaryEducation participated in a number of projects of national, province and theMinistry of education and university, published papers on important journals ofrelated fields, published "Maritime Rightsand China" and many books.