Undergraduate Programs

The College has two undergraduate majors of Marine Science and Atmospheric Science, both originating from Physical Oceanography and Marine Meteorologyestablished in 1958.

Marine Science is a national key discipline, being one of the first group of 15 bases of scientific research and trainingin China and winning first prize innumerous assessments. The major aim to cultivate senior professionals with scientific literacy, systematic and solid knowledge of math, physics and chemistry, basic theory of marine science, modern marine survey and data analysis techniques, computer application and information processing technology, understandingfrontier research of the marine science and ocean-atmosphere interaction, and the basic ability in marine science research and marine survey. Graduates work primarily in universities, research institutions, the State Oceanic Administration and its affiliated business units, local Oceanic Administrations, the Ministration of Transportation, and the department of the Navy.

Atmospheric Science is a provincial key discipline, the only majorin national keyuniversities co-existing with the Physical Oceanography including marine meteorology. The major aims to cultivate special talents through the mastering of basic theory,knowledge and skills of atmospheric science. Those who succeed can engage in work related toMeteorology, Climatology, Atmospheric Physics, Atmospheric Environment, Atmospheric Sounding and Applied Meteorology, particularly in those fields associated with Marine Studies. Graduates can usually work in Meteorological Offices, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Civil Aviation Authority, universities, research institutions and the Army.