Exchange Cultivation Program for Undergraduates

Ocean University of China and West Virginia University signed a credit transfer agreement in September 2003 and a student exchange agreement in April 2010.Students from both universities are able to study at a sister school for either one or two semesters. Students can select the same or similar courses to study with local students according to their own major. When returning to their own campus, students may obtain corresponding credit through course conversion. The aim of the program is to improve students’ professional standards and international communication skills, to broaden their international perspective and to promote innovative training of students’ talents. Since the fall of 2012,five students from key disciplines have been assigned each semester to this cultural exchange. The key disciplines include 13 undergraduate majors, including Marine Science, Ocean Management, Military Oceanography, Chemistry, Geology, Biological Science, Aquaculture, Marine Biological Resources and Environment, Marine Fisheries science and Technology, Food Science and Engineering, Marine Resources Development Technology,Port Channel and Coastal Engineering, and Environmental Sciences, as well as Electronic Information Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Technical Engineering and Automation, the last three of which are part of the training plan for distinguished engineers.